Dette er første nyhet

Dette er første nyhet

So this complicates things a bit.  A bombshell decision from the Florida Supreme Court effectively says that recording copyrights didn’t exist before 1972.

Should oldie recordings enjoy copyright protection?

Absolutely not, according to a unanimous decision by the Florida Supreme Court.  Effectively, anything recorded before the year 1972 is in the public domain and can be used freely.  At least in the state of Florida.

The ruling was released to Digital Music News early this morning.

The unanimous decision strikes a serious blow against Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman, both members of the oldies rock band, The Turtles.  Kaylan and Volman, aka ‘Flo & Eddie,’ have been battling for payments on their pre-1972 for years.

On the other side, both Pandora and Sirius XM Radio have argued that recording royalties don’t apply to music released before 1972.  The reason?  There isn’t a consistent law protecting recordings prior to that date.